COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class Protocols
• Student must have their temperature checked and check in at front desk before
entering the training area.
• Students must have a freshly cleaned uniform with rash guard underneath.
• Students must wash hands and feet before stepping onto the mat.
• Classes will consist of stationary solo drills, exercises, movements with limited contact
• Students who wish to roll after class may do so at their own risk and must stick to one
training partner and spaced out around the mats.
• Students may wear masks and gloves if they wish.
• Mats will be cleaned before and after each class. Grab a mop and help.
• Guests and Parents should remain outside or pick up and drop off their children if
• Locker Rooms will be limited to 2 individuals at a time. Try to come dressed for class.
• Bring a clean pair of flip flops or sandals for walking around off the mats.
• All students/parents must sign a new Assumption of Risk Waiver prior to attending class.
• During this time, we are asking that our students avoid cross training at other gyms to
avoid cross contamination.

Kickboxing Class Protocols
• Participants must have their temperature checked and check in at the front desk before
entering the training area.
• Please bring your own sanitizer and wipes for personal use to wipe down any equipment
you used. (Our supplies are limited)
• Bags are spaced apart to allow adequate room between participants. Workout stations
will be spaced apart as well during circuit training or boot camp workouts.
• Wear a mask if you feel that it is necessary.
• We will not provide loaner gloves or hand wraps. They are available for sale at the front

Common Sense Guidelines
• If you have any symptoms of illness do not come to the facility. You are putting lives at
risk if you do not follow this.
• If you are out in public groups and at risk of exposure please do not come to the facility.
You are putting others at risk.
• Maintain above average hygiene and cleanliness. You will not be permitted to attend
class if otherwise.

• Memberships must be active prior to attending class. If you froze or cancelled your
membership please contact us at so that we may send you the
membership options and get you set up before your first class.
• Our upper level weight training area is not included in regular class membership. If you
wish to use the upstairs for weight lifting please speak with the front desk so we can
update your membership.

We look forward to having you all back training with us. If you have any questions or concerns
please email us at
– Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Club