Facility Rules & Etiquette

  • Always be respectful.
  • No profanity or foul language in the academy.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Absolutely not coaching your child or other students during class.
  • Respect the class and instructors by maintaining a low volume.
  • Always introduce yourself to new students or guests.
  • No food or drinks on the mat.
  • Keep Music & Noise Down During Classes
  • Do Not Slam Weights
  • Put Your Weights Back When You Are Done
  • Wipe Down Equipment After Use
  • Always greet your professor or coach before class.
  • Be friendly and helpful to new students or beginners in class.
  • If you are late to class, wait on the side until given permission to enter the mat.
  • Never attend class if you are intoxicated.
  • Practice good hygiene.  Nails trimmed, showered, deodorant and remove makeup.
  • Never attend class if you are sick.
  • When the instructor is speaking; listen, observe and learn.
  • Drill each technique until the instructor says it’s time to move on. Practice makes perfect.
  • Keep talking to a minimum and related to the topic.
  • Always flow. Never force.
  • New students must get approval from professors before sparring.
  • Never intentionally harm or crank on a submission.  Give your partner time to tap.
  • If you get caught…tap out (physically tap or verbally tap)
  • Roll to the level of your partner.  If you’re training with a beginner help them out.
  • Lower belts must respect higher belts while rolling. If you bump into another group lower belt moves.
  • If you don’t want to roll, sit down on the wall and observe.
  • All students must have white, blue or black gi with matching jacket and pants.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining a clean uniform.
  • Students must have Gamblers patch on their gi.
  • Rash guard, board shorts/leggings are required for No-Gi classes.