6 Kickboxing Benefits You Should Know

Kickboxing workouts pack more than just a punch for your health.  Like most workouts, you’ll break a major sweat while you punch, kick and perform various exercises each round – but the benefits of this type of fitness go well beyond strength and cardio.  Studies find that Kickboxing workouts improved upper-body, aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed, and agility.  Pretty much every aspect of physical training.  While Kickboxing can be intimidating don’t let that turn you off.  Once you try it you will get excited and see the amazing benefits that it has to offer and also how much fun you will have while training.

It’s Full-Body Burn

Your arms might do a lot of the work as you twist and turn through each punch and your legs certainly get a workout as you push through each kick, but your entire body is being used to create force and power for each movement.  Power is generated from the legs, through the core and extends out of each punch and kick.  Also, our Kickboxing workouts involve a total-body warm up, circuit training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, battle ropes and bodyweight exercises to constantly change up your workouts.

Make It Your Own Workout

While you do get a full-body challenge with every class, you can also move at your own pace and modify when you need to.  That also means you can really turn it up and push yourself by adding more speed and force behind each punch when your ready to increase the intensity.   Our instructors will also show modifications for individuals who are unable to perform any exercises or movements.

Endurance, Speed and Power Training All In One

Kickboxing isn’t just one type of training.  While you are going to get a high-intensity workout each class, performing an all-out effort and actively recovering between those rounds, you’re also moving the entire class, so you will improve and enhance your endurance.

For the punches and kicks, you want to perform them quick and snappy, just like you would if you were in a fight, so that is your speed challenge.  While applying proper technique and mechanics behind your punches and kicks you will be improving your overall power and explosiveness.  Many people think that they are just using their upper body, but if you’re doing it correctly that power is coming from your lower body and core.

Build Strength & Get Toned

Hitting the heavy bag gives your body constant resistance which will improve your strength through each class.  You will also notice more muscle tone in your arms, shoulders, legs, butt, and core through the high number of reps performed each class.

Workout Your Brain

While kickboxing, your brain begins to engage and learns to act quick as it responds to punches, sharpen reflexes and memorize combinations.  Most individuals go on auto-pilot during their workouts, but with kickboxing you are constantly stimulating and engaging brain function the entire class.

Major Stress Reliever

There is no better stress relief than than taking your frustrations, anger and stress out on the heavy bag.  These workouts will have a tremendous benefit to your mental health.  We often hear our members talk about how they feel empowered after our classes and that Kickboxing is their form of therapy.


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