Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu: Hygiene Commandments

Gamblers Jiu-Jitsu: Hygiene Commandments

1. Don’t claw your training partners.

Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed short.  Why? During training there is a lot of grabbing and gripping.  Long or sharp nails can cause nasty cuts to your training partners and even worse if you scratch their eye.

2. Clean your uniform after every class.

Yes, EVERY CLASS! We work hard to keep our academy clean and safe from infections,  we need to make sure everyone is doing their part to keep germs and bacteria away.

3. Don’t let your gear ferment in your bag.

 If you can’t wash your gear right after training, make sure to remove it from the bag. Make sure to also wash the bag so funk doesn’t grow on it. Pro tip: Bring a moisture-tight bag with you to training to take your sweaty stuff out in a neat package.

4. Shower after every training.

Showering before training is a courteous move especially after a long day of work or school.  Showering immediately after training is the best move.  Use a strong antibacterial body wash or soap such as Defense Soap.  Make sure you are odor-free when stepping on the mats for training.

5. Always have footwear on when walking off the mats.

This is one very easy rule to remember.  Never walk with shoes on the mats, never walk without them off the mats.  This prevents nasty floor germs and bacteria from making their way onto our clean mats.  We recommend having a pair of flip flops in your training bag to keep in the shoe rack if you need to step off the mats.

6. Make sure your breath is not kickin.

We keep mints and mouthwash in the bathroom for students to keep their breath fresh.  Nobody wants to know that you had garlic chicken for lunch.

7. Don’t train if you’re sick.

Never train if you are sick with a contagious disease like the flu or the common cold.  This is a major jerk move.  Not only is it not good for you to train when you’re sick, but you’ve also now brought a virus for your friends, coaches and training partners.  If you just stand not training, then stretch or do some light bodyweight workouts at home.  Rest, drink lots of water, watch online Jiu-Jitsu videos but DO NOT TRAIN until you are no longer sick.

8. Don’t train if you (even) suspect you have a skin infection.

Never, ever train if you suspect that you have a skin infection. If you are even a tiny bit worried show it to one of the staff or your physician. It’s incredibly important to not train because most skin infections are very contagious.

9. Cover up your cuts & scratches.

Make sure to cover up any cuts or scratches you have.  This will ensure that you keep the area clean and avoid infection.

10. Protect your hair.

If you have long hair make sure you keep it under control and tied tightly.  This will save time during class and help you protect your hair.