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Top Jiu-Jitsu training tips for beginners and advanced Jiu-Jitsu students.

  • No Ego – When learning Jiu-Jitsu, Leave your ego at the door. You will get tapped out and you will get beat no matter how strong, big or tough you think you are. If you use ever defeat or loss as an opportunity to learn how to fix an error you will improve faster than ever.  If you can’t handle winning and losing with respect and humility then Jiu Jitsu isn’t for you.
  • Tap Out -When you are caught in a submission… TAP OUT! (SEE ABOVE). You are not fighting for a million dollars nor are you fighting for your life. If you get caught and you WILL… tap out and live to fight another day.  Serious injuries due to submissions can be prevented by simply tapping out on your training partner, tapping the mat or saying “TAP”.  Make sure when you tap you don’t tap too late…. TAP BEFORE IT HURTS!
  • Focus on the Jiu-Jitsu Basics -The fundamental techniques of Jiu Jitsu are the foundations of Self Defense and Fighting. Without them your overall game will suffer. Once you have a strong understanding and can execute each fundamental technique during training the fun of advanced positions, techniques, and strategies will be much easier for you to grasp.
  • Drilling – Drilling is how you sharpen each of your techniques to perfection. It’s said that in order to truly master anything you must practice it 10,000 times. When first starting to drill a new technique GO SLOW when applying every detail to truly let it sink in.  If you go fast you will miss major details that will either make the technique successful or fail.  In addition when someone is drilling with you maintain minimal resistance.  Keep a good base to avoid just falling over but if the person is struggling to perform their drills you are resisting too much.
  • Training or Rolling – Training or Rolling is where you practice your execution of the techniques against a live or resisting training partner. Again this is not a fight to the death or the finals of Worlds. We are all here to improve our skills, have fun and remain injury free.
  • Efficiency or Flow – Try to be as efficient with your energy and strength as possible. If you are constantly using strength you will get tired faster and develop bad habits of using strength that will not work against someone who is stronger than you. Focus on being calm and having a FLOW with every movement and technique applied.
  • Respect Higher Belts! When training or rolling if you and your partner bump into a higher belt that is also rolling it’s up to you to move to a different spot and continue training. It is also common tradition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to never ask a higher belt to train with you.
  • Focus! In Jiu-Jitsu you must have 100% focus on the NOW! If you aren’t focusing on every detail and technique you won’t fully acquire the technique or movement. The ability to focus on the problem will help you solve it much faster. This focus will transfer to every area of your life.

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