Uniform Etiquette and Hygiene Tips for Jiu-Jitsu

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Uniform Etiquette

What to wear under your uniform?

We recommend wearing a rash guard and compression shorts underneath your kimono/gi.  Other shorts or t-shirts are fine if they are tucked in under the kimono/gi.  Please don’t go commando or with no t-shirt under your uniform.

How often should I clean my uniform?

You should wash your uniform after each practice to avoid the buildup of bacteria and smell.   We recommend washing with regular detergent in cold water and low heat in the dryer or air dry.

Kimono or Gi Colors

We prefer the use of a white kimono to maintain a team atmosphere and clean look.   But blue and black kimonos are accepted.  Please wear matching bottoms and tops.  Don’t mix and match colors.

Tying your belt

Try to keep your belt tied always.  If it comes off during a roll put it on the side and continue training but then after the round is up tie it again.   If you are not sure how to tie your belt properly just ask one of your instructors and we will gladly show you the proper way.


Hygiene Tips

Maintaining good hygiene is a must.  Especially when training Jiu-Jitsu where you will be having a lot of close contact with your training partners. In addition to following the uniform etiquette above, please follow these simple steps before class.

  • Shower if possible before class or at the minimum use some form of deodorant or body spray before class.
  • Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed to avoid scratching your partners.
  • Brush your teeth, take a breath mint or chew gum before class.
  • Wipe your feet off before stepping onto the mat. Anti-bacterial scented wipes are available at the front desk.
  • Try to wipe your sweat off with your uniform as opposed to letting it drip all over your training partners.